Brighter Bottom Lines

For businesses ranging from middle-market players to start-ups and rising stars, our business practice group adds value and brightens bottom lines.

We provide services for a wide variety of industries, organized as corporations, LLCs, or sole proprietorships. We position businesses to succeed through such changes as starting and restarts, mergers and consolidations, dissolutions and structural shifts.

  • Contract law
  • Corporate Succession and Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Entity Formation and Structuring
  • Home Builder and Developers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Specialty Practices – Medical, Restaurant and Hospitality
  • Intellectual Property
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People are required to accept some inherent risk when riding a horse. In Ohio, there are specialized legal rules and […]

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Exploring the DORA: A Growing Economic Development Tool in Ohio Communities

As both temperatures and COVID-19 vaccinations rise, municipal corporations and townships may be shining a spotlight on innovative economic development […]

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As seen in “Legal Connections”, Tim Miller discusses the importance of The Letter of Intent in an M&A transaction.

As seen in “Legal Connections”, Tim Miller discusses the importance of The Letter of Intent in an M&A transaction. For […]

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House Bill 606 Enacted to Protect Businesses and Others from Covid-19 Liabilities

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Paycheck Protection Program Loans: What’s at the End of the Rainbow?

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Navigating the Complexities around Tipped Employee Wages and PPP Loan Impact

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Trademark Scam Alert

We have seen increasing traffic in solicitations sent to new applicants for trademark and those who have already obtained registrations […]

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The U.S Supreme Court Clarifies That Willfulness is Not a Predicate Finding for Lost Profits in Trademark Infringement Claim

The federal circuits have expressed different views on whether a claimant alleging trademark infringement and seeking lost profits must first […]

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Paying Tipped Employees for Non-Tipped Activities

The Department of Labor has addressed the thorny issue of when to pay tipped employees for non-tipped activities. In its […]

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