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Forward Thinking

From service bandwidth and efficiencies, to a business-minded approach and partner-level attention, we understand individuals and middle-market businesses because we’ve been the right people for them.

Interdisciplinary Experience

When it comes to education, we know our way around. More than 100 Ohio school districts and the Ohio Attorney General trust Isaac Wiles to represent them in education litigation and everyday legal matters.

Partners in School Law

We offer a complete portfolio of legal services for school districts. Our education work is credentialed by our ongoing representation of school districts across Ohio in everything from complex special education litigation to the negotiation of IT service provider contracts. In addition to our direct counsel to schools, we also have related experience representing local governments in 65 of Ohio’s 88 counties and as special counsel to the Ohio Attorney General in education litigation.

Isaac Wiles is firmly committed to establishing innovative fee structures that are uniquely crafted and designed to provide school districts with high-quality, cost-effective legal services while largely avoiding the unpredictability of the more traditional billable hour structure.

Servicing K-12 with Skill

We represent more than 100 Ohio school districts through the Schools of Ohio Risk Sharing Authority (SORSA) and regularly defend SORSA members in cases involving a wide variety of issues including:

  • Student and employment handbooks/regulations
  • Title IX and Constitutional issues
  • Federal and state regulatory matters
  • State Teachers Retirement System
  • Immunity
  • Special education
  • Employment disputes
  • Real estate acquisitions
  • Contracts
  • Sexual misconduct and harassment
  • Civil rights
  • Cyber incidents

We also staff SORSA’s Legal Help Desk, a hotline available to members who have questions about issues involving liability, student or employee discipline, property sales and acquisitions, open records requests and other legal matters. Our representation of SORSA demonstrates the confidence entrusted in our education services by the superintendents, treasurers and business managers across Ohio who constitute the SORSA board of directors. Knowing about litigation makes us better at helping you avoid it.

Isaac Wiles serves as special counsel to the Ohio Attorney General in a nationally watched lawsuit that seeks changes in the way the state funds education services for students with disabilities. Hundreds of millions of dollars in school funding formulas are at stake in this lawsuit. The suit affects every school district in Ohio, and the Attorney General has turned to Isaac Wiles as its lead outside law firm.

We also offer a unique and unmatched ability to handle crisis communications during publicized legal battles. Through our close relationship with a communications firm, Isaac Wiles offers the unparalleled ability to shepherd its clients through even the most delicate of situations.

Partners in Risk Management

Our attorneys counsel school districts on risk management and best practices as they set policies, acting as trusted advisers. We follow court decisions and new regulations that affect our school system clients, advising them early on about potential problems.

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