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Corporate Transparency Act: Will it Stay or Will it Go?

More than 30 million entities are expected to fall within the purview of the Corporate Transparency Act, which went into effect on January 1 of this year. Whether CTA stays or is ruled unconstitutional, don’t leave it to the last …

knock knock anybody home

Knock, Knock, Is Anybody [in the Marital] Home?

What happens to the home where you built a life when divorce is the only solution? In her latest blog, our Family Law Partner Joanne Beasy explains the intricacies related to selling or keeping a house during divorce proceedings. Read the full …

dissolution vs divorce

Dissolution v. Divorce: What Are the Differences?

While dissolution requires an amicable agreement between both parties before filing with the court, divorce is a more expensive and time-consuming process. Although quicker, it is important to note that dissolutions require both parties to be in full agreement on …

5 Beneficiaries bank accounts

5 Things Beneficiaries of Bank Accounts Need to Know

What happens to the beneficiaries of bank accounts when the owner passes away? Learn from our attorney, Jessa Gary, five of the most common topics to keep in mind, from rules to paying taxes and more: Read Article  


Two Isaac Wiles Partners Named Best Divorce Lawyers of Columbus, Ohio

Congratulations are in order to two of our partners! Joanne Beasy and Fred Isaac have both been named Best Divorce Lawyers of Columbus, OH, by Forbes Advisor. We are proud to have two of the best helping clients during a difficult time in their lives.

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Custody Evaluators vs. Guardians ad Litem – What is the Difference?

Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court issued guidelines regarding custody evaluations in family law cases. Not every case involves a custody evaluation (nor should every case). Custody evaluators and guardians ad litem provide the court with custody and parenting time information. …

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Is Court-Ordered Nesting “For the Birds,” or Can it Work?

I have encountered numerous unusual divorce and child custody cases as a family law attorney. But a recent custody dispute resulted in a court-ordered arrangement that took unusual to a new level. The judicial officer in the case ordered “nesting,” …

Long-Term Care Insurance Settlement

What the Genworth Long-Term Care Insurance Settlement Means to You

The recent settlement in the case of Haney, et al. v. Genworth Life Insurance Company, et al. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, makes clear that Genworth and its long-term care insurance program are failing. …

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