“Surviving the Kind of Crisis that Makes a Bad Yelp Review Seem Like a Love Note,” Modern Restaurant Management

In an article published in Modern Restaurant Management on May 20, Mark Weaver discusses crisis communications for the restaurant industry.

“Restaurant crises are also easy for the general public to understand. Citizens might ignore news accounts of Wall Street insider trading or bidding irregularities in a nearby public works project. Yet nearly everyone understands things like food poisoning, sexual harassment of servers and deadly car crashes caused by a delivery driver,” Weaver explains.

Due to these unpredictable situations, it is imperative for restaurants to have a crisis communications plan in place, in the event an issue arises. Perhaps the best way to figure out the proper plan for your business is to identify the most likely crises that could occur, such as delivery drivers being involved in a car accident, and build around that issue.

The most important thing to remember is that your crisis communications plan should always be active and updated, including constant training of your team on best practices and new developments that pertain to the plan.

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