Employment Law: Making it Official with Love Contracts – Columbus CEO

In an article published in Columbus CEO on January 7, Molly Gwin discusses the idea of having a workplace romance policy in place instead of prohibiting office dating.

Love contracts are not the solution to everything, but they do provide a specific usefulness at times. “Although important for peer-to-peer relationships, dating policies and love contracts are particularly important in relationships between a supervisor and a subordinate, where the potential for coercion is greater and the legal standards are different,” Gwin states.

A critical component to these contracts is that HR must stay notified of developments with the relationship, both during and in the event of a relationship terminating.

“Executing a love contract, where employees acknowledge the relationship is consensual, can allow for a culture in which employees do not have to hide their relationship, and where employers can protect themselves from liability should the relationship deteriorate,” Gwin says.

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