Employee Romance in the Age of #Metoo – Restaurant Hospitality

In an article published on May 10, 2018, in Restaurant Hospitality, attorney Molly Gwin discusses the new trend of love contracts and the importance of the restaurant industry utilizing these contracts in efforts to protect themselves and employees from sexual harassment claims.

Love contracts are consensual relationship agreements that employers have coworkers who are dating sign, they are particularly important if the relationship ends badly and one party retaliates against the other. Gwin advises restaurant owners to enforce love contracts because of the work-play environment restaurant employees experience. “It’s really a good idea. Frequently, and particularly in the restaurant industry, where the hours might be different and it’s not the traditional nine-to-five, a lot of people work and play together, and a lot of employers encourage that. It builds camaraderie.” She also recommends employers using love contracts because it encourages transparency. “It’s important for employers to make sure staff members know they’re not in trouble if they date. It’s simply a matter of getting things documented. And having a more open culture will also likely foster a climate in which workers will feel safe to report unlawful sexual harassment if it occurs.”

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