Address Consensual Work Relationships With ‘Love Contracts’ – Hotel Management

In an article published in Hotel Management on August 21, Molly Gwin discusses the idea of having a workplace romance policy in place in the event of romantic relationships forming within the company. As the lines between work-life and home-life become less clear and employees spend more time together, relationships can oftentimes develop between coworkers. Progressive employers must recognize this new reality and implement a workplace romance policy and personnel manual to ensure it accommodates the growing culture of office romances.

“In the event a consensual relationship arises between a supervisory and subordinate employee, it must be reported to a designated HR professional, and the parties must sign an agreement acknowledging that the relationship is consensual and that they will notify HR in the event of a change in the relationship status,” Gwin explains. Having a consensual relationship agreement in place ensures employers there is an additional level to prevent exposure to liability and demonstrates to employees that the employer has implemented guidelines to protect them if an issue arises.

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