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We take a collaborative approach developing legal solutions for middle-market and small businesses, as well as individuals.

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With an ideal blend of inventive thinking and midwestern practicality, Isaac Wiles holds a unique position among Ohio law firms.

Isaac Wiles is a premier, full-service law firm that strives to deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations by adding maximum value to their organizations. We achieve this goal by hiring and retaining top-level diverse talent in all functional areas of our firm and by working collaboratively to leverage our combined expertise. Our 41 plus attorney firm, with eleven practice areas, can manage complex sophisticated legal matters while offering personal, thoughtful client service.

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Our lawyers have valuable experience across a broad landscape of legal specialties backed by an array of high-value technical, human and information resources.


Is Court-Ordered Nesting “For the Birds,” or Can it Work?

I have encountered numerous unusual divorce and child custody cases as a family law attorney. But a recent custody dispute […]

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Mediation Isn’t Always About Money

Sometimes, mediation goes beyond just dollars and cents. In a recent case, Charles Schneider helped two corporate giants navigate a […]

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What the Genworth Long-Term Care Insurance Settlement Means to You

The recent settlement in the case of Haney, et al. v. Genworth Life Insurance Company, et al. in the U.S. […]

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Notary Modernization Act in Effect

Stay informed about the recent changes in notary public requirements and the critical role they play in our society. Read […]

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Ohio Republicans Seek Friendlier Courts to Check Democratic City

In Ohio, the power dynamics of the judicial system are evolving. Charles Schneider discusses the trend of seeking friendlier courts for […]

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The ABCs on 529s

529 plans continue to be a popular savings tool for the many expenses that come with a college education. Although […]

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