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Child Custody & Child Support

When tensions run high during divorce or other family separation, it is often necessary to have a court decide the legal custody of minor children involved. Our Family Law team compassionately guides clients through all aspects of child custody and support matters and proceedings. This includes court appearances, sole or shared custody determinations, parenting time schedules, financial and healthcare support, and intrastate custodial disputes, as well as custody, parenting time and support modifications at later dates. Our attorneys assist in other parental rights and obligations matters as well, including establishing paternity, adoption, and grandparent/relative rights.

The best interest of the child

Child custody and child support are the most contested and emotionally-charged areas of family law and they require the skills, guidance and empathy of an experienced attorney. Our attorneys place child advocacy above all else and thoughtfully prepare for every matter with the best interest of each child as top priority. This can include presenting evidence to the court about a child’s well-being, from school and health records to personal testimony. We help our clients understand the law and form realistic expectations for custody and support determinations.

Child custody & child support determinations

Child custody includes two determinations: sole custody or shared custody (called shared parenting). “Custody” gives the custodial parent the right to make decisions on behalf of the child. Sole custody means one parent has these rights; shared parenting means they both do.  Under either scenario, parenting time can vary. Shared parenting does not mean each parent gets an equal 50% of the parenting time, it only means the parents share custody rights.

Child custody issues also occur in situations other than divorce, such as when parents of a child are unmarried, or a parent is unfit to care for a child. In these situations, custody can be awarded to one or both of the parents, or a relative or close friend if a judge determines that it is in a child’s best interest.

The Isaac Wiles Family Law team includes attorneys with more than 135 years of combined experience in the areas of divorce, dissolution, separation, premarital agreement, child custody and support, and adoption law. Our attorneys include those listed among: the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys Best in Client Satisfaction, Best Lawyers in America,  Ohio Super Lawyers and Martindale-Hubble. The Family Law team includes a former Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Court judge, who previously served as a foster parent.

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