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Estate/Probate Administration

Estate planning is important for adults who have others depending on them for support, such as minor children or even elderly parents. An effective estate plan ensures a client’s wishes are carried out for the distribution of their assets and for the guardianship of minor children rather than leaving such a decision to a court of law. Our estate, trust and probate attorneys expertly guide clients through the creation of an effective and cost-efficient estate plan which gives them, and those that depend on them, peace of mind if something were to happen unexpectedly.

Many people want to “avoid” probate because they perceive it as a “hassle. There are a number of estate planning “tools” that our attorneys utilize to allow our clients’ assets to pass seamlessly to their loved ones after they have passed. For high net-worth clients, trusts can be tailored to reduce or defer potential estate taxes, which in 2019 is over $11.1 million dollars per person.

If probate cannot be avoided or when a client is faced with the death of a relative who died “intestate” (without a Will), our attorneys are ready to assist them with probate administration. Probate is there to facilitate the transfer of real and personal property of a decedent to their rightful heirs and beneficiaries. Probate can be as simply as transferring the title to an automobile or more complicated, depending on the size of the estate.  No matter the size, our team handles every probate administration compassionately and in a cost-effective manner.

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