“What State’s Medical Marijuana Law Means for Ohio Employers,”- Columbus Business First

In an article published by Columbus Business First on Feb. 10, 2017, Brian Zets discusses the implications of medical marijuana laws for employers. While the use of medical marijuana became legal in Ohio in June 2016, the process has been slow, with not a single prescription being written and no dispensaries in the state. “The fact an employee has a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana does not mean an employer must tolerate or accommodate its use at work,” said Zets. In fact, employers are allowing to drug screen for medical marijuana and terminate an employee “because of use, possession or distribution of medical marijuana at the workplace.” The federal government considers marijuana to be a Schedule I drug and it remains illegal under federal law, meaning that employers do not have to accommodate employee’s use under the Americans with Disabilities Act. “For employers, the best way to protect themselves and their workers is to update their employee handbooks,” said Zets.