Preparing for Adoption During the Pandemic

For prospective adopting parents who need to complete a home study by an assessor through the Franklin County Probate Court in order to finalize an adoption, there is work that you can do to help expedite what is currently a delayed process.

As a result of COVID 19, the court assessors were not allowed to go into the homes of families for a period of time this year to complete the requirements for a home study. At the end of June, 2020, the court allowed assessors to start scheduling appointments with families in their homes. However, there are approximately 50 families on a list who are waiting to meet with an assessor and it will take a longer time than normal for the assessors to meet with all of them.  While you are waiting to meet with an assessor you can complete the following requirements on your own to help expedite the process of completing the home study after the assessor meets with you:

  1. Complete a BCI criminal background check through finger printing. There is a list of approved locations for the finger printing on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. You can review the website and find a location that is convenient for you to visit. You should call before you go to the location because there may be restrictions at the location related to COVID-19.

When you have your finger printing completed, inform them that it is pursuant to Ohio RC 2151.86. and request that the results be sent to your attorney. Here is the Ohio Attorney General’s website.

  1. Have three (3) Letters of Reference completed by non-family members such as friends or coworkers. The letters of reference should state that you are good parents and that it is in the best interests of the child to be adopted by you.
  1. Obtain a medical statement from your physician stating that you are in good physical and mental health. (Each prospective adopting parent needs a statement.) The medical statement form can be found on the website for theOhio Department of Jobs and Family Services
  1. Complete a fire inspection. You can contact the fire marshal in your township to schedule the fire inspection at your home. The form for the Fire Inspection Report can be found at the following website:

Erie County Children Services