Introducing the Legal Industry to Millennial Business Owners – Law360

Author: Yaima Seigley

In an article published on Monday, May 21 by Law360, Yaima Seigley provides personal insight on cracking the “Millennial Code” as millennials continue to secure a greater share of the business market and further assume leadership positions.

Seigley emphasizes that experienced attorneys can utilize such millennials to create dynamic and sustainable business relationships with emerging business owners, detailing, “These relationships not only present law firms with a new stream of revenue, but they also allow lawyers to actively participate in securing economic sustainability in their communities.” Seasoned lawyers should make an effort to reintroduce themselves to this generation to effectively collaborate with them. “Millennial business owners are likely to view lawyers they retain as part of their core business team, so it is important to understand their values and vision,” reminds Seigley.

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