Are Ohio’s Employers Prepared for Medical Marijuana

Author:  Kofi Semenya

In an article published in The Columbus Dispatch on November 7, Kofi Semenya discusses Ohio’s soon-to-be medical marijuana program and how employers will be affected. Once the law is instated, registered patients will have access to medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries.

This said, the change will not have much of an effect on how employers maintain safe workplaces, as they are still able to enforce drug-testing and drug-free policies. However, Semenya warns that, “Employers wanting to maintain their current policy and prohibit the use of medical marijuana should consider amending their policy to specifically address the use of medical marijuana.”

Semenya goes into detail about the protections that employers will have under the change of law, such as “not requiring employers to accommodate an applicant’s or employee’s use, possession or distribution of medical marijuana.”

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